Defyant Style Turbine Fan Mod

    The 2 main parts that make up this mod are of course a fan, a 120mm Black Generic fan will be used for this mod, and the second is the cone that will give the fan its "Turbine" look. The cones I'm using can be bought from Hobby Stores, these are 44mm or 1 3/4" Prop spinners. They are hollow plastic so they are very light, which is perfect for this mod.

    The cone I'll be using for this mod is the blue one one the right, the larger Back 70mm Cone is intended for another mod.

    Below is a shot of the product packaging and the pricing is in Australian dollars.

    These cones are obviously intended for hobby planes and they come in 2 sections. For the Fan mod we only need the top part of the cone. Two screws hold the top and bottom together, these are removed and the 2 parts are as shown below.

    The top half of the cone is an almost perfect fit and as seen here the only spoiler are the 2 screw holes.

    Here is what the back side looks like...

    Good old bondo/car filler can be used to fill these in and make the cone look more as it should.

    A small amount of bondo is mixed to fill the holes, extra strong mix so it dries fast.

    The bondo sets hard in a matter of minutes, next is to hand sand the bondo'd holes even. 80grit paper was used, scratching dosn't matter as next step will be several thick coats of spray putty.

    The Spray putty is left to dry over night, actually the one shown was left for 3 days but overnight is enough.

    The next step is to use some 800grit Wet and Dry sand paper to rub the spray putty smooth.

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