Next is to give the cone a coat of color and black bumper paint was chosen for this, I keep a can of this on hand at all times! I like this stuff as it really "mimics" the finish of black pastics with a slightly "grainy" look.

    Starting with a dusty, light coat and then applying several heavier coats.

    Below is the finished painted cone...

    Next is to attach the cone to the fan.

    I'll be using "hotglue" for mine, I like the stength you get but with a non-permanent result, just a small "dob" on each side of the inner cone is usually more then enough to hold the fan for hundreds of hours of use.

    You can of course use a more permanent style glue, double sided tape or even bluetack (as I found out some one had done after getting HP2 back after a recent magazine photo shoot!!!!!).

    The cone is quickly stuck down and centered while the glue is still hot, the end result is a Turbine style fan.

    Looks pretty sweet, and so simple to do.

    Here is a shot of the Turbine fan spinning.

    I'll be using this fan for a new server case I'm building for here at home.

    And a final parting shot of the fan in its new home.

Happy Modding

- Guide written by Defyant

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