3 Bay 6" LCD Mod:

    Here is Version 2 of the LCD screen mod that Troy and I came up with for the front of your PC, this time I will show how to do it without having to make any changes to your case.

Above is a picture of the completed mod, below is how it got there...

The New Mod:

    Below are the tools and materials used in this mod.

    You will have to come up with a front bezel for your LCD screen that fits into the three 5.25? bays. I was lucky once again to have some made up out of a side Lian-Li panel for my screen. But you can use whatever you would like to make one.

Getting Started:

    I started by using a piece of sheet metal for the sides to mount the screen onto so it can be installed like any other bay device.

    After measuring out the inside of the case, I needed two pieces to be 5 inches high by 6 inches wide. I used a pair of metal shears to cut the sheet metal. To attach the LCD screen to the side rails I had to bend the mounting brackets on the screen to the inside 90 degrees.

    After noticing that there is a rail on the inside of the case for your drives to sit on, I had to nibble a line down the side of the sheet metal so the panel could slide into the case without that rail being in the way. 

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