Under Case Lighting

    This guide will show how to go about elevating your case to allow a Lazer LED unit to fit beneath. In our long since dead review of the CrazyPC Super Bright LED Lights we showed how good they look underneath you case, now itís time to add height to your case and install them.


Tools needed:

1/4" bit (not shown)
3/4" hole saw
Soldering iron
Wire cutters
Sharpie marker (not shown)
Pliers (not shown)

Materials needed:

Rocker switch
Heat shrink tubing
Electrical tape
22 gauge stranded wire
2 insulated female disconnects
LED unit
Double sided tape
4 Furniture glides
4 washers
4 lock nuts
4 acorn nuts

Step One:

    Lets start by elevating the case. If you have a Lian Li case adding height is as easy as pulling the white plastic peg out of the feet and screwing in the glides. For my Lian Li case I vinyl dyed the existing feet black and cut off the tabs that secure it, then added shiny acorn nuts to the inside screwed onto the furniture glides.

    If your case doesnít have Lian Li style feet it isnít much harder. First you will want to remove all the components from your case. Next, mark where the new feet will go onto the bottom of your case, you may have to put the new "feet" in a different location than the originals to allow for internal parts like the motherboard tray and so forth. Use the 1/4" drill bit to put the holes where your marks are. Now is also a good time to drill the hole for the LED wires to go through, remember that the wiring is not dead center on the unit and you will have to make your mark about 1/4 inch to the left of center to have the unit perfectly centered on the bottom of your case.

    Screw the lock nuts (lock side up) onto the furniture glides and place a washer on top. Put the glides/nut/washer into the hole and secure from the inside with an acorn nut. Your case is now tall enough for Lazer LEDís to fit underneath.

    Now is a good time to determine where you want the rocker switch (and have a beer), if it is on the back of the case near the bottom you have less wiring to do later, if you want it on the front the wiring isnít that much more difficult and we will get to that in a minute. Cut your hole and install the switch.

Step Two:

    Now onto modding the LED unit so that it can be turned on or off using the rocker switch. Start by cutting the wires of the unit at the heat shrink connection as shown below. Strip all the wires back 1/4".

    Feed the wires of the unit through the hole and use the double sided tape to attach the LED unit to the bottom of the case. You could also mark where the two holes are on the unit onto your case and use screws to attach it, (which is the method I used for my own case) but the double sided tape works just fine.

    Refer to the wiring diagram below, if you wire your LEDís to a rocker switch on the back of the case near the bottom then use the diagram LED wiring 1, if you need to add wire to reach a rocker switch on the front of your case or further up the back than the original wiring will reach use the diagram LED wiring 2.

    It is recommended that you solder the wiring connections. Then you can use either heat shrink tubing or electrical tape to cover the solder points and any bare wire.

    Almost finished, crimp the insulated female quick disconnects onto the ends of the red wires and connect them to the switch. 

   Put your components back in your case after completely vacuuming it out (you don't want metal shavings floating around inside your case) and plug in the molex connector to the power supply. Have a beer and admire the kick-ass bright light shining from below your case, or turn it off and don't... because now you have that option.

Happy Modding 

- Guide written by ARTbyTROY

Disclaimer: This how-to guide is presented for informative purposes only.  CaseModGod.com can not and will not be held responsible for damages to or resulting from anything that you may decide to do to your case or hardware and also can not and will not be held responsible for injury to your self or others as a result of attempting any of the things that are shown on this site.  Basically you are responsible for your own actions whether said actions were based on information garnered from this site or elsewhere, learn to deal with it.