Molexed Rheobus

    So you got yourself a shiny new rheobus and you are looking at the backside of it where the red and black wires should go... wait a minute your fans have a plug on the end of it, not bare wires and you don't want to cut them off.  What can you do?  CMG has the answer, let us show you how to sacrifice a few molex Y-splitters to the modding cause.

    If you don't want to cut the molex ends off your fans and strip the wires you can instead follow what we show in the pictures below.  First you will need two molex Y-splitters and a pair of  wire cutters.

    Cut the male ends off of the splitters as shown and discard them.

    Next you will need to mate up the cut Y-splitter molex ends to the fan connectors. Cut off the unneeded wires from the Y-splitter ends and strip the remaining wires back 1/4".

    Then you just loosen the screws...

    insert the wires and tighten them down.

    The finished product should look like this.  Now you don't have to cut the molex ends off of your fans to control them with the rheobus.

Happy Modding  

- Guide written by ARTbyTROY

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