LED PCI Backlight Mod

    This is a pretty easy (and cheap) way to get that neat backlight effect without having to do any severe cutting of the case.

Stuff and tools needed:

2 empty card slots (Type of slot doesnít matter since Iím only going to use the empty space)
4  LEDís - 3V (Check this site before buying!)
Some sort of power switch
1 Molex male connector (you get it from radio shack or an old PSU)

Soldering iron
Soldering wire
Electric Tape (duct tape will also work)
Various Pliers

    Well, to begin with I open up the computer Iím going to modify and take out 2 of the PCI-slot covers. Then I measure up the distances between the holes for the LEDís that Iím going to drill. I found out that putting the holes with approx. 2 cm distances works quite well.

    Use a ruler and a non-permanent marker!  Here you can see how I marked out where to drill.

    Use a puncher to make drilling easier.

    Drill! Since my LEDís where 5 mm ones, Iíll have to drill two times, first with a 3 mm drill, then with a 5 mm drill.

    After the holes were made, I put in the LED's and glued them in place to make soldering easier.

    Solder! Make sure you get the polarity right. After this it gets real simple, just drill the hole for the switch in the other cover, and solder all the wires.

    Here's the wiring schematics...

    Finished! Doesn't it look nice?

    Here you can see how I installed it....

    And here's how it looks like when turned on....

Happy Modding

- Guide written by Sebastian Storholm

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