5" Lumin Disk Case Window Mod by Ecca.

    This was a brilliant idea I thought up when I was in the mall and saw this super-fly groovy Lumin Disk (Spencer Gifts... $19.99).  A Lumin Disk is very similar to a plasma ball, they are both actually made the same way.  Anyhow, I thought this would be a nice addition to my wannabe plasma tubes already in my PC.

    I had to sacrifice my side intake fan but I felt this was the best spot for the lumin disk (and easiest Razz)

    I told a friend about this mod and he suggested I use his Rotozip to cut the hole. He did a few test circles in cardboard and he was like a pro with this thing, so I fell for it and borrowed it from him... I originally was planning to use a 5" hole saw to cut the hole.

    After some quick measurements I found the perfect spot for the lumin disk (I traced a CD to get the outline.)

    I used silicone to seal up the hole and make the clear part of the lumin disk black. Again in hindsight it would have been easier and cleaner to use a rubber gasket and clear sealant.

    If you plan on using black goo to seal up your hole please don't be a dummy like me, be sure to mask it off before you add the sealant, it is hard to clean this stuff off.

    Make sure that the lumin disk runs off 12v, 3mA, if it doesn't don't mess with it unless you know what you're doing.

    Pretty simple, I just cut the end off and slid the wires into the molex connector. One ground, one yellow... a better way would be to solder a connector and wiring to the cable.

    Final result with the lights on... looking good.

    Not bad for a 1 hr mod Wink... here are a few lights out parting shots, click either image for a bigger view.

Happy Modding

- Guide written by Ecca  

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