Defyants Lighted Wiring Tubes

    Tools and items need for the job will vary, its a pretty versatile mod and you can swap items to suit your case and needs.  Basically the shot below shows the items I chose from the HPRII mod.  I'll use slightly different items in this how-to but the method and end result will be the same.  Main things you will need.

    Dremel, Drill, file, hot glue gun or normal epoxy glue, wire cutters.

    A PC!  LED's in the color of your choice (I use 12volt Bright Blue LED's with resistors to cut the voltage down from 12 - 7volt
Refer to Duck's post " LED's made simple" for wiring instructions. - Creds Duck) Rubber Grommets!, these will also vary according to your needs.  Heat shrink, some clear rubber tubing, RCA type style jack ends.

    These are the basic parts, they will vary according to what you can obtain.  But, all these parts bar the tubing can be purchased from your local electronics shop. 

    Next is to drill a hole in the panel, theres no real trick to this, it just has to be snug around your rubber grommet. 

    Follow the next couple of pictures for the primary assembly...

    The first part of the mod is pretty easy.  Once your grommet, shim and tubes are in place, a few spots of glue at the back of the mod to secure and hold the clear tube in place. 

    Feed your wires through and sure them, I use hot glue and a small plastic wire clip, these too can be bought from your local electronics shop. 

    Next step is to place your LED...

    There are a number of ways to secure your LED in place, I use hot glue and/or a small plastic bracket.

    The end result should look like this, its really a night effect and will always look better inside the case.  Remember you can also use different colored LED's to suit your mod.


- Guide Proudly Penned by Defyant

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