EL Wire Window

    This guide will show you how to trim the edge of a window with Glo-wire.  Below is the window that was shown in our how-to article "$5 Window Mod", we are going to tear it completely apart and redo the whole thing, sure it looks good as is but it is about to look a lot better...

    I removed the window and the black automotive door edge molding from the case side panel and scraped away as much of the double sided tape as I could.  If I had wanted to be completely anal I could have used Goo-Gone to remove the double sided tape completely, but I got it scraped smooth and level and that was all it really needed.  I went to a local auto parts store (Auto Zone) and bought a package of two 27" lengths of clear door edge molding for $2.47, I also bought some more double sided mounting tape to use for reinstalling the window.

    Time to break out the nibbler, you will need to pick out a spot on a straight edge of the window cutout that is inconspicuous, the edge that is closest to the back of the case near the bottom is where I thought would be least noticeable.

    I put the nibbler to the edge and cut, then slid it into the notch I just made and did it again.  The cutout is where the EL wire will slip through.  Start installing the clear edge molding a couple of inches away from the notch you just made.

    I installed the clear edge molding around the entire edge of the window cutout until I was back to the notch.  I marked where the notch was on the molding and cut the back side of the molding out where the notch was.  Now you can loop the EL wire through the back and finish installing the molding.

    Flip the side panel over and start sliding the EL wire you looped through the hole beneath the molding.  I used a plastic butter knife to push the EL wire into the innermost edge of the molding, start at the nibbler cut and work your way around the entire length of molding.  As you push it in there will be slack that will have to be worked out all the way around back to the notch where it can be pulled through to the back side of the panel.

    Use the mounting tape to reinstall the window as shown in "$5 Window Mod"  guide.  Plug the EL wire into the inverter and reattach the side panel.  Power on the computer, crack a beer and check out your handiwork.  Looks pretty damn good, the entire outline of the window has a nice sharp blue accent.


Happy Modding

- Guide written by ARTbyTROY

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