Since the inverter didn't come with anything to use for attaching it inside the case I cut a short length of velcro and stuck it on the back.  I picked an out of the way spot in the case and located the inverter there.

    Since I wanted to put the EL applique on an on/off switch I decided to mod a Y-splitter for it instead of the unit itself.  The pictures below tell the whole story of how to do it, now when I plug anything into that molex end it will be controlled by a switch.

    I then connected the El applique to the inverter and the inverter into the Y-splitter I just modded.  Put the side back on and power up the PC and test it out.  So, how's it look?  Pretty, real pretty.  Looks like it was meant to be there.  Best of all now that it has an on/off switch it will help prolong the life of the EL by being able to turn it off when not needed and on when I want to show off.

    Below are a couple more pictures of the EL applique side panel in action and they help to illustrate the precision cutting and filing work involved with this mod.  Aluminum side panels cut like butter, they are very easy to mod shapes into but what about cutting a steel case for this mod?

    Well, curiosity got the best of me, that and my son requested that the alien applique be modded into his case.  I decided to test the difference out by installing it into his steel windowed panel.  Everything up to the dremeling is done the same as previously shown.  I put on the safety glasses and used a reinforced cutting wheel on the dremel for this one.  A steady hand and patience are necessary, cut just inside the line and then file, file, file away.  Position the applique and turn it on.  Cutting the applique into the steel panel is not much harder than cutting the aluminum panel but it did require twice the filing effort to get smooth.

    Congratulate yourself on completing yet another couple of highly professional looking mods and have a beer.

Happy Modding

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